8 Ways to Preserve the Land and Earth of Borneo

As part of their ancestral heritage, the Dayak ethnic group is obliged to preserve Borneo as an everlasting and sustainable legacy. This entails safeguarding it through an approach that encompasses cultural values, environmental wisdom, and concrete actions.

8 Ways to Preserve the Land and Earth of Borneo

Here are some ideas on how the Dayak people can nurture their ancestral heritage:

  1. Traditional Customary Land Management System: The Dayak community relies on a traditional land management system that has been in place for centuries. They adhere to customary principles in the use, management, and preservation of their ancestral land. Land use is guided by ethics and values passed down from generation to generation.
  2. Collective and Shared Ownership: Dayak often implement collective or shared ownership of the land. This means that the land is considered the collective property of the community and managed collectively. This approach avoids land speculation, forest degradation, and conflicts over land ownership.
  3. Sustainable Resource Utilization: The Dayak understand sustainability as a key aspect of natural resource management. They use forests and land for agriculture, hunting, and fishing judiciously, ensuring that these resources can be sustained for future generations.
  4. Fostering Local Leadership: The Dayak ensure that local leaders chosen or recognized by the community are individuals who understand the long-term interests of both the community and the environment. Competent leaders are chosen to safeguard ancestral land and natural resources.
  5. Environmental Education: The Dayak educate their younger generations about the importance of preserving the environment and respecting nature. They instill in their children a deep understanding of the relationship between humans and nature and the consequences of environmental degradation.
  6. Partnerships with Environmental Organizations: The Dayak collaborate with environmental organizations to address issues like deforestation, wildlife poaching, and climate change. They also seek technical support and resources from these organizations to safeguard their environment.
  7. Cultural and Tradition Preservation: Through celebrations, traditional ceremonies, and other cultural activities, the Dayak preserve their cultural heritage closely tied to the natural world. This helps the community stay connected to their environment and promotes sustainability.
  8. Protection of Customary Forests: The Dayak actively protect their customary forests from illegal activities, such as illegal logging. They also monitor and report activities that harm the environment to the relevant authorities.

Satuan Perlindungan Lingkungan Dayak (SPLD) – Dayak Environmental Protection Unit (SPLD)

Through this approach, the Dayak not only maintain the land and earth of Borneo as their ancestral heritage but also play a crucial role in preserving the invaluable ecosystem of this island. The Dayak people can make this heritage preservation program sustainable, create environmental policies, and livelihoods, not just by upholding cultural values as the primary foundation for caring for their land and earth but also for the benefit of future generations.

Facing threats like deforestation, plantations, mining, and land mafias in the Nusantara Capital (IKN) of East Kalimantan is a critical task to maintain environmental sustainability and the rights of the Dayak community. Here are some alternatives to address the challenges faced by the Dayak people today and in the coming years, in light of the arrival of the Nusantara Capital era in East Kalimantan.

It is advisable to establish the Dayak Environmental Protection Unit (SPLD). The formation of SPLD is a revolutionary step that will create a specialized unit responsible for safeguarding the environment, ancestral land, and the rights of the Dayak community. SPLD will play a pivotal role in maintaining environmental balance and addressing the looming threats to IKN. *)

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