Asta Cita. It is not only the PS-GR Program but also the Nation’s Aspirations and the Continuation of Nawacita

The presidential and vice-presidential candidate pair from the Coalition for Indonesia Moves Forward, Prabowo Subianto-Gibran Rakabuming Raka, have outlined eight missions in the 2024 Presidential Election, known as Asta Cita.”

These missions are crafted to realize the vision of ‘Together Advancing Indonesia Towards Golden Indonesia 2045.’ It can be said that Asta Cita is the second volume of Nawacita.

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What are the essence and core of their ideas?

Asta Cita

“Asta Cita” literally combines two Sanskrit words, “Asta,” meaning “eight,” and “Cita,” meaning “aspirations” or “goals.” Hence, it can be directly interpreted as “eight aspirations” or “eight goals.”

In the given context, “Asta Cita” is used to refer to the eight missions or goals that the Prabowo Subianto-Gibran Rakabuming Raka candidate pair aims to achieve in the 2024 Presidential Election. Therefore, it can be interpreted as “eight targets or goals to be realized.”

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The main missions of Asta Cita include:

  1. Focus on strengthening the ideology of Pancasila, democracy, and human rights (HAM).
  2. Strengthening the defense and security sector while promoting self-reliance through self-sufficiency efforts, especially in terms of food and energy.
  3. Increasing quality job opportunities and encouraging entrepreneurship, particularly in the development of the creative industry and ongoing infrastructure development.
  4. Strengthening the development of human resources (HR), science, technology, education, with special attention to empowering individuals with disabilities.
  5. Continuing downstream and industrialization measures to increase added value domestically, in line with the fifth point of Asta Cita Prabowo-Gibran.
  6. Emphasizing bottom-up development from the village level and the lowest societal strata to achieve economic equality and address poverty issues.
  7. Strengthening reforms in the political, legal, and bureaucratic sectors. Additionally, both presidential and vice-presidential candidates intensify efforts to prevent and eradicate corruption and drugs.
  8. Strengthening the alignment of life in harmony with the environment and culture, as well as enhancing tolerance among religious communities.

Prabowo-Gibran also presented 17 priority programs, one of which focuses on the prevention and eradication of corruption.

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In addition, this cheerful and adorable pair brings eight top-notch programs with concrete steps, such as:

  • Providing free lunch and milk in schools and pesantrens.
  • Providing nutritional assistance for toddlers and pregnant women.

These programs are designed to have a rapid and positive impact across various segments of society.

Caption: Prabowo-Gibran. Source: CNN.

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