Bibliopedia In the Greek language, “biblios” (book) and ” “paideía” means education, literacy, and intelligence, so “Bibliopedia” is an online (virtual) bookstore. One of the specific services is the buying and selling of books published by the Dayak Literacy Institute (LLD) and books written by Masri Sareb Putra, CEO of the institute.

We publish books as well as provide printing services, including print on demand (POD). Publishing books with ISBN numbers. Scientific articles/SINTA can be accepted and distributed using In addition to papers, term papers, presentations, lecture materials, textbooks, textbooks, graphic designs, etc., we also offer Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) management services.

Books sells books both printed and electronic versions published by the Dayak Literacy Institute (LLD).

Author and Journalist Team
Masri Sareb Putra, M.A.
Matius Mardani, M.Pd.
Michael Sega Gumelar, M.A.
Ariobimo Nusantara
Damianus Siyok
Dr. Mugeni
Heru Susanto, M.Th.
Paran Sakiu, M.Pd.
Lisa Mardani
Esra Agus Kristianto
Maria Amanda
Leoardus Rio Cahya Putra
Tiina Lie
Maria Fransiska, S.S.
Arip Senjaya, Ph.D.

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