Break Through Rapid Reading| The book I translated in 2010

In 2010 I translated this very important book. Which is titled Break Through Rapid Reading, this book presents a very basic topic in the field of literacy.

In this book written by Peter Kump, it is stated that there are various kinds of super fast reading techniques. One of them is speed reading technique which was accidentally discovered by Evelyn Wood, which is called skimming.

At that time he was in Lake City a very beautiful lake; Wood read but did not understand then his reading was thrown into the mud.

Then he regretted that he took the book again, he stroked it, then after that he followed the rhythm of his finger movements; he understood the meaning of the reading.

She found the main idea of ​​the book. That’s the skimming technique, speed reading, among others. There are also finger movements from top to bottom, or ziq zag.

The highest speed people read super fast is 6000 words per minute. The average person is under 300 words per minute. Speed ​​reading of approximately 1500 words per minute.

At many of today’s top colleges, doctoral programs hold these superfast reading classes.

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