Class Acts

The world’s global trend is collaboration, not competition. This has been prophesied by the famous futurologist of this century, John Naisbitt regarding one of the world’s trends.

Therefore, if there are certain social groups, even countries, that today promote conflict or competition, or enmity, this denies “nature”. Because the era to come will be a “small village”, as Mc Luhan (1964) predicted.

Competition will breed hostility and fights. While collaborating creates a win win solution.

Within a small village, the citizens of the world depend on and need one another. The occurrence is not just food, but other necessities of life. If any source of energy, or life were attacked, the world would feel the loss.

Therefore, allying, collaborating, making peace is far more profitable than competition and rivalry –in every respect.

This book is very illuminating from a business perspective. Read on. And make reference!

This book is very illuminating from a business perspective, related to how to view or act in the perspective of “class acts”. Read on. And make reference!

Those who succeed in business do so by knowing how to adapt and change along with the changing landscape of corporate life.

As you probably already know, business has evolved past the cutthroat tactics that once ruled the day. The kinder and gentler business world of today brings manners, ethics, and corporate responsibility into the workplace. The current problem is knowing how to survive and thrive in this new climate.

This book goes where no book has gone before-it links business success directly to good manners. Mary Mitchell knows and shows that what is best for any business situation is that all parties are treated with respect.

This isn’t as easy to pull off as it sounds since we are all connected 24/7. It’s hard to know where the business day ends (or if it even does). Likewise business gatherings have moved from formal dining to all types of social situations from buffets to lunch at the gym after a game of handball.

This means that we must be on our best behavior for every type of business situation (in and out of the office) while maintaining a professional sensibility.

With a copy of Class Acts as your guide, you will develop the mindset for civility in the work place along with the mechanics to carry it through by learning:

– Personal accountability
– The value of forgiving, apologizing, and telling the truth
– Meeting conduct (both as an attendee and the leader)
– How to celebrate special occasions in a multicultural workplac
– Maintaining humanity in cyberspace.

That visualization and meditation enhance focus and civility
Ways of disagreeing without being disagreeable ? That good relationships lead to good business which leads to success.

Who is the author of this extraordinary book?

Mary Mitchell is president of The Mitchell Organization, a Philadelphia-based training and consulting firm. Client service, business and personal etiquette, presentation and negotiation skills programs are custom designed and provided for top national and international corporations and professional organizations. Ms. Mitchell is the author of five previous books, including THE COMPLETE IDIOT’S GUIDE TO BUSINESS ETIQUETTE.

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