Dr. Yansen TP, the Vice Governor of North Kalimantan is the keynote speaker for the Book Discussion and Launch of “The Call of the Wild People of Dayak Lundayeh of Krayan”

Run down the schedule for the 91st anniversary celebration of the Church of the Gospel Camp in Indonesia (GKII 2023) in Long Umung, East Krayan on October 19, 2023. Dr. Yansen TP and Masri Sareb Putra are mentioned as speakers at the launch and book discussion of “The Call of the Wild People of Dayak Lundayeh of Krayan.”

National literary figure, Yansen TP, will dissect the book that he has a deep understanding of “in his head.” With his profound knowledge, life experience, and a profound understanding of Lundayeh history, Yansen is well-equipped to thoroughly explore the book within a historical context.

Furthermore, the media’s digital founder and owner YTPRayeh.com has conducted research and published several books on related topics, including Dayak Lundayeh Idi Lun Bawang – Budaya Serumpun di Dataran Tinggi Borneo (2017), Hidup bersama Allah Jadi Produktif (2020), dan Jejak Peradaban Manusia Sungai Krayan in collaboration with Masri Sareb Putra (2022).

Meanwhile, Masri, as the Publisher, will present the creative process of this book. Placing it in the context of literacy and spiritual awakening, which is one of the missions of every Christian: to spread goodness to people’s hearts.

This book can be seen as an effort to preserve what is momentarily the essence, as reflected in the title of this narrative.

This book is a commendable effort and should be received with joy. After all, amidst the significant turmoil caused by the disruption of civilization affecting all global communities with the latest technology of this century, history is often forgotten by many.

As a result of this civilization disruption, it seems that the focus of many writings and literature has begun to drift away from history.

Hence, Jastin Michaels’ work on the history of the Gospel in the Krayan region of North Kalimantan is highly appreciated.

History, or “history,” which can be translated as “His story,” can be seen as “God’s action in the journey of human life that depicts His power and glory through the Gospel of Jesus Christ in various contexts.”

The Gospel history discussed in North Kalimantan, Krayan, is not merely a record or document, but also an effort to enliven the fact of God’s involvement in human life through the Gospel of Jesus Christ, especially among the Dayak Lundayeh.

The fact of God has left its mark in the Gospel events within the context presented by the messengers (missionaries from the Christian and Missionary Alliance) who obey the Great Commission of Jesus Christ.

The presence of this book is not only to expand the collection of missionary journey reports but also to provide educative, empowering, and inspiring insights.

It is a reminder of the 91st arrival of the Gospel in the Krayan region, a book that is part of the history of the journey, adventure, and struggle of Mr. Jastin A. Michael in recording the history of the spread of the Gospel, especially in the depths of Borneo.

Reading, and meeting page by page from this 250-page book, will leave a sense of satisfaction. So: Tolle et lege!

The author acknowledges in the early notes that it was not easy to obtain data on the journey, ministry, life, and even the graves of the missionaries. However, strong vision, courage, and unwavering determination in Jastin’s soul resulted in success and the realization of this reality.

The discovery of the graves of life fighters beyond their duty area is also very interesting. In fact, their graves are not the most important. The most important thing is the story of struggle and death that brings salvation to the people of Borneo.

The struggle of Pastor William Ernest Presswood to introduce the Gospel of Jesus Christ, regardless of the consequences, became the center, no matter the consequences. His life experience shows a highly militant spirit because of his loyalty to the great message of Jesus Christ. This is unwavering dedication.

Presswood has finished the race and preserved his faith as a legacy of life, as exemplified by Paul. This is a solid foundation in Presswood’s soul so that the Dayak Lundayeh and other tribes in the vicinity can see the glory of God’s light.

The positive results of this “faith hero” are the establishment of the Church of the Gospel Camp in the Mentarang, Krayan, and Malinau regions in Indonesia.

The collection of materials for this book, which has been gathered since 2014, shows that the compilation of this history book is not a quick task. The search for the graves of missionaries in the Dutch cemetery in East Java has its own appeal – it shows extraordinary life, struggle, and dedication. Although the graves should not be worshipped, they provide awareness of a historical monument with educational value.

This is a struggle worth acknowledging. In addition to the story of Presswood’s ministry and his colleagues, this book also includes stories about the lives of other missionaries and the history of theological education that has made a positive contribution to the development of the Church of the Gospel Camp in Indonesia, especially in Central Kalimantan, and in general on the islands of Indonesia.

It is certain that reading, and meeting page by page from this 250-page book, will leave a sense of satisfaction.

So: Tolle et lege!

About the Author of This Book, Jastin A. Michael. He resides in Krayan, North Kalimantan. Together with her father Michael, Mother Yohana, and his siblings.

Currently, he serves as the Chairman of the Church of the Gospel Camp institution in the Krayan region.

Jastin is a graduate of STT Wilfinger in 2019 and is currently pursuing studies at STII Yogyakarta, STT Jaffray Jakarta, and STT Jaffray Makassar in the master’s theology program.

He was born on May 9, 1995, in Pa’ Kebuan. He teaches part-time at STTW Krayan. *

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