Gus Dur and Imlek

In Pontianak, which is a city with a large Chinese population base, we can see preparations for Chinese New Year’s Day. Which in 2023 falls on January 29.

I just arrived from “Kun Tien”, a city which is now decorated with lanterns along the streets, especially Jalan Gadjah Mada. 

I am interested in the topic of the emergence of ethnic Chinese expressions in Indonesia. And lowered several series of writings, starting today.

All this is like in a dream. Why not! In the New Order era, for nearly 40 years, ethnic Chinese lay dormant in the land that was formerly called Nusantara. Who is the figure behind the appearance of ethnic Chinese? In such a way, so that bida shows her identity and ethnic culture in Indonesia?

Gus Dur and Imlek. Without him, nothing!

On Lunar Day, this Chinese New Year. Gus Dur deserves our memory. Because, without it, Chinese New Year and the openness of each ethnicity to express cultural customs on this land of Pancasila, would never have been real. I reopened the old archive.

I once wrote a specific article about Gus Dur’s vision, which extends far into the future about living as a nation and a nation. Undoubtedly, Gus Dur is very useful for this nation. He deserves the predicate “father of pluralism.”

One of the national figures who pays attention to diversity. Exactly, Gus Dur as the father of pluralism.

Our focus is on Gus Dur’s role in opening the faucet for national and international reconciliation. Mainly, the restoration of RI-PRC diplomatic relations. 

Then, which is always remembered, Gus Dur returned the Chinese symbols. And give him a living space on Pancasila earth. Because, according to Gus Dur, “Chinese are also one of the ethnic groups in Indonesia.”

No doubt. Gus Dur is the father of Indonesian pluralism.

We remember this extraordinary service. Without Gus Dur, our almanac today would not be red. If it weren’t for this humorous figure, Chinese New Year would not be a National Holiday.
(to be continued).

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