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Tumbang Anoi Meeting Document, 1894, written manually. I watched it very neat. I admire it not only because of its content, sentence structure, excellent punctuation but because of its very neat handwriting.

Handwriting. In ancient times, especially the people who went to school under the 1980s, it was really very beautiful. 

Tumbang Anoi, 1894. Repro: rangkaya bada

In formal schools, students are taught beautiful writing techniques. The notebook or tablet stone has three lines. That’s where people write beautifully, up, down, middle.

Everything is neatly arranged. That was the first lesson in writing beautifully, how, for example, the letters a, b, j, k, l should be written according to their designation. From row to row downward or in 3 rows; all the letters it seems clear how to write it. 

At that time, work as a note taker or writer was very rare. In such a way, it was common to be employed in various offices or offices. People who are skilled at writing beautifully, can work as secretaries or work in offices or in the filing department.

They wrote down or copied decrees during the Dutch East Indies Company era. In fact, quite a lot of books at the time of the Dutch East Indies Company were written by hand.

The result? Amazing. Truly extraordinary! 

Discourse is thus not limited to reality narrated through letters and words; but also has an aesthetic dimension.

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