Historic Celebration: Launching of the Memoir “Dayak Sovereignty Oath” at Jaga Pati Palace

During the inauguration ceremony of Balai Kepatihan Jaga Pati, Ketapang (the Jaga Pati Palace, Ketapang) on May 4, 2024, there was a profoundly historic moment. The event marked a proud moment for the Dayak people and the Ulu Aik Kingdom as it introduced a highly valuable literary work.

This moment was the launch of Alexander Wilyo’s memoir titled Sumpah Kedaulatan Dayak (Dayak Sovereignty Oath) — a memoir depicting the life journey of Patih Jaga Pati, Raden Cendaga Pintu Bumi Jaga Benua, immortalized by ALEXANDER WILYO.

A new chapter in history for the present
Essentially, this memoir situates Patih Jaga Pati within the context and horizon of the Ulu Aik Kingdom, past, present, and future.

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In the launch of this memoir, a new chapter unfolds showcasing the cultural richness and history of the Dayak people and the glory of the Ulu Aik Kingdom.

This memoir serves as a window for the current generation to understand the values of heroism, wisdom, and national spirit deeply rooted in Dayak culture.

Through vivid and meaningful words, Alexander Wilyo guides readers through the life and struggles of Patih Jaga Pati in preserving the sovereignty and honor of the Dayak people.

With this memoir’s launch, Patih Jaga Pati not only honors the cultural heritage of ancestors but also inspires younger generations to continue appreciating and preserving the legacy they inherit.

This memoir is concrete evidence of the power of literature in upholding the cultural identity and history of a nation.

Camera screenshots depict the late preparations of the Committee to ensure the success of each event.

It is hoped that this library becomes a source of inspiration and knowledge for many people, and a significant milestone in efforts to strengthen and enrich Indonesia’s cultural diversity.

Dayak Sovereignty Oath
What does the Dayak Sovereignty Oath contain?

Patih Jaga Pati solemnly declares three sovereignties for the Dayak people:

Cultural Sovereignty. Patih Jaga Pati commits to protect and preserve Dayak culture as a reflection of their identity. This includes customs, language, arts, and rituals that form the foundation of Dayak unity amidst modernization.

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Economic Sovereignty. Patih Jaga Pati promises to safeguard the economic rights of the Dayak people and ensure access to and control over natural resources crucial to their livelihoods and culture.

Political Sovereignty. Patih Jaga Pati recognizes the need for self-control over political destiny, and Dayak political participation is key to ensuring their aspirations and interests are acknowledged in an increasingly connected and complex society.

Memoir Launch Event Schedule

Date: May 2, 2024
Venue: Jaga Pati Palace, Ketapang
Time: 09:00 – 12:00 WIB
1. Opening

– Opening Remarks by Event Committee Chair

– Welcoming Guests and Visitors

– Brief History Presentation on “Dayak Sovereignty Oath” Memoir

2. Speeches and Event Introduction

– Speech from Ulu Aik Kingdom Representative

– Speech from Dayak People Representative

– Introduction to Memoir Content by Author, Alexander Wilyo

3. Memoir Excerpt Reading

– Engaging excerpt reading from the memoir by selected guest reader

4. Book Launch Procession

– Symbolic handover of the memoir to Dayak and Ulu Aik Kingdom representatives

– Group photo with the author and representatives of Dayak and Ulu Aik Kingdom

5. Presentation of Meaning and Values in the Memoir

– Brief discussion on the meanings and values contained in the memoir by an academician or cultural expert

6. Closing

– Thank You Remarks from Event Committee

– Reading of Poem or Song Reflecting Dayak Sovereignty Spirit

– Closing Prayer

7. Book Signing Session

– Opportunity for visitors to get the author’s signature (optional)

8. Relaxation and Cultural Exhibition

– Presentation of traditional Dayak dishes and beverages

– Cultural exhibition featuring arts, crafts, and artifacts from the Dayak people and Ulu Aik Kingdom

The launch of the Sumpah Kedaulatan Dayak memoir is hoped to proceed smoothly, becoming a memorable moment for all involved parties and attending visitors. *)

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