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History Records Today’s Ibu Kota Negara – IKN (the capital of the Republic of Indonesia).

At the date of March 14, 2022. History has also been recorded. That the capital of the Republic of Indonesia in Paser Penajam, East Kalimantan. Marking a new era in the nation and state of all Indonesian people.

It has been agreed that the name is IKN Nusantara. The name is fine. Nusantara is a combination of two words: nusa (island) and  antara (between).

Nusa is an island. Meanwhile, between is a liaison, or in the middle.

So, the archipelago is thousands of islands joined together as pearls of quality — as in the lyrics of the Koes Plus song “Nusantara.”

From the nomenclature of the new IKN, it feels more neutral. However, neutrality is not limited to words or discourse.

However, it should be manifested in actions, response, and in its implementation as well.

What do internal media say, Borneo about today’s event?

Let’s see together. See! 

Focus on the body of the news circled in red.

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