Panglima Burung and The Hidden Emperor

Once upon a time, in a Kalimantan kingdom far, far away, there lived a hidden alien emperor. This alien emperor was incredibly rich, but also incredibly cruel.

In order to create a fake emperor, he planned to split his own Dayak People against each other. Sutomoe was the name of the fake emperor.

The fake emperor was a puppet, controlled by the hidden alien emperor, and was made to look like the real ruler of the kingdom. The Dayak People were fooled, and they began to fight among themselves, believing that the fake emperor was their true leader.

The hidden emperor watched in delight as his Dayak People turned against each other, fighting for control of the kingdom. He knew that as long as they were occupied with their own battles, they would not notice his true power and control over them.

He would sit in his palace, surrounded by his wealth and luxuries, while the kingdom was torn apart by infighting.

As the years passed, the hidden emperor became more and more ruthless, using his wealth and influence to manipulate and control the kingdom.

He was the real enemy of his own people, but they were too blinded by their own fights to see it. They continued to believe that the fake emperor was the true leader and that he would bring them peace and prosperity.

But there was one person who knew the truth. A brave warrior named Panglima Burung, who had grown up in the kingdom and had seen the suffering of his Dayak People first hand.

He knew that the fake emperor was not the true ruler and that the kingdom would never know peace until the hidden emperor was exposed.

So Panglima Burung set out on a journey to uncover the truth. He traveled to the hidden emperor’s palace, a grand and imposing structure located in the heart of the kingdom. He knew that it would be a dangerous journey, but he was determined to save his people.

When he finally reached the palace, he found that it was heavily guarded. But he was skilled at combat and was able to defeat the guards one by one. He made his way to the throne room, where he knew the hidden emperor would be.

Inside the throne room, Panglima Burung found the hidden emperor sitting on his throne, surrounded by his wealth and power. The hidden emperor looked up at Panglima Burung with a sneer on his face.

“Who are you to enter my palace uninvited?” the hidden emperor said.

“I am Panglima Burung, a warrior from this kingdom,” Panglima Burung replied. “I have come to uncover the truth about the fake emperor, and to expose you as the true enemy of our people.”

The hidden emperor laughed. “You are too late, my dear warrior. The Dayak people of this kingdom are already fooled. They believe that the fake emperor is their true leader, and they will continue to fight among themselves until they are all destroyed.”

But Panglima Burung was not discouraged. He knew that the truth would set the Dayak people free. He told the hidden emperor about the fake emperor. He explained how it was a puppet controlled by the hidden emperor.

He also explained how the hidden emperor was using his wealth and influence to manipulate and control the kingdom.

The hidden emperor’s sneer turned into a scowl as he realized that his secret was out. He knew that his time was up, and that the Dayak People would soon rise up against him.

They fought. Both of them were equally cunning and powerful. Nobody wins.

But Panglima Burung was not done yet. His magic wings let him return to the palace and use the magic record that recorded everything that had happened in the kingdom.

He shared the truth with the Dayak people. They were shocked and outraged by the hidden emperor’s treachery. 

They had been lied to and manipulated for years, and they were determined to put an end to it.

The Dayak People united against the hidden emperor and his fake emperor, and they were able to overthrow them. The kingdom was finally free from the hidden emperor’s cruel rule and could live. They were celebrating and dancing joyfully.

Dayak Warriors dancing and celebrating


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ISBN: 978-1-365-41776-4

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