Sport and Financial Literacy in Indonesia

The 2022 football World Cup, although far away, feels close to Indonesia. That’s because before the Covid 19 Pandemic, the virtual world was not the real world. However, now this is the virtual world as well as the real world.

It is clear that Indonesia, as a country with a very large population — more than 200 million people — is the main market for football broadcasts. Some are legal but some are not.
Everyone can interpret football according to their interests and profession.

As for me, as a book enthusiast and writer, I remember this book which we have translated into Indonesian.
Maradona was an all-time extraordinary footballer, a gatot (a total failure) as a coach. He failed to pass on his knowledge to his foster children.

However, Maurinho, Ancelotti or Klinsmann did not stand out as players. But very extraordinary, at the same time admired as a great coach and successful.

Meanwhile, there is a football professor, Prof. Wenger. The man who was born in France in 1949, this early season at Arsenal was extraordinary and admired.

In fact, at his headquarters, a futuristic film was made about football in the future. But now the light is getting dimmer, as intelligence is not always synonymous with victory (success).

Then there are a handful of great players and great coaches: Cruyff and Richard who made it big at Barcelona.

I use this imagery to describe a literature teacher/lecturer and his foster children. And I’m not sure where I am?

Ideally, like Wenger, a combination with Cruyff and Rijkaard. But indeed the greatness of the teacher-student relationship depends on the seed and the land.

If the material is good, the manager is bad, it won’t work. And vice versa.
Likewise in the company. The manager is the coach. It mixes players to achieve goals.

If great players don’t win, it’s the manager’s fault. Those who cannot use people (HR) to achieve goals.
This book was published by PT Index, 2007. The translation is from a book published by Kogan Page in England, when I was managing editor.

In my opinion, the nutritional content of this book’s menu is good. At the same time: inspiring.
Teach not only how to achieve goals, but also play pretty.

How besides important goals, also the process.

In the current atmosphere of World Cup fever, it seems that it is not just watching football as entertainment that is important. But also the philosophy behind it.

Which is your favorite country?

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