From this book I am sure and know that 
the truth is one and unanimous.

I was really fortunate to be assigned, or rather stranded, to be the Editor in Chief of Non-fiction at PT Grasindo, one of the publishing subsidiaries within Kompas Gramedia.

In 2004-2004, the manuscript arrived at the editorial desk from Yogyakarta. I read it carefully, studied it considering all aspects.

The main and first thing is: the script is correct, not the result of plagiarism. As for other aspects, the commodity side –the economic value of the manuscript–we usually have meetings and have long debates with the marketing and finance departments.

The interesting thing is that while studying this text, I was reminded of the Greek and Western concept of human in their philosophy.

I’m sure that Ki Ageng was never like me: he studied specifically the history of philosophy. That there are similarities between this book and Epicurus and Jung is a coincidence. Not plagiarizing, but because: truth is one and COMPLETE. 

The concept of happiness has been discussed by philosophers since ancient times, from Aristotle to Epicurus.

Aristotle argues that happiness is the attainment of goodness in accordance with his view of humanity (health, welfare, knowledge, friendship, etc.).

Whereas Epicurus argued that the main source of happiness is contentment (the ancient Greek word for contentment is “hedone”).

In Indonesia, a philosopher from Java who tries to find the true nature of happiness is Ki Ageng Suryomentaram. Ki Ageng Suryomentaram, who was born with the name Bendoro Raden Mas Kudiarmaji on May 20, 1892, was the 55th child of a total of 79 sons and daughters of Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono VII.

Ki Ageng Suryomentaram was born from the sultan’s concubine named B.R.A Retnomandoyo (daughter of Patih Danuredjo VI who later changed his name to Prince Cakraningrat).

Ki Ageng Suryomentaram has long hair, oval face, wide eyes, sharp nose, and large earlobes and he maintains a thick mustache as an adult.

From this book I am sure and know that the truth is one and unanimous.


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