Why the Main Title of My Book in English?

Many people, including You, must be wondering: Why the main title of my book in English?

It’s certain that it’s not because I’m trying to show off my English skills. It just isn’t. However, the main title of my book in English to make them very easily detectable internationally.


I predicted in 2007 that we would soon be entering a universe that McLuhan called the “small village” where there were no boundaries. 

And that prediction has now become a reality. Since 2022, I have entered the international book trade network through Google Books with a legal publishing namely the Lembaga Literasi Dayak (Dayak Literacy Institute).

Currently there is no need for ISBN at a certain level, except for lecturers and teachers who require promotion and class as “Cum”.

If we enter the international global market, the book titles that are most easily detected are those that use English as an international language.  

Now You understand: Why the main title of my book in English?

My experience is that books with local content are more in demand in the international market than content on technology issues and other topics that we, as a developing country, are losing to the competition.

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