Flash Back | In West Kalimantan the Chinese Support the Dayak Party

Go to West Kalimantan!

You will be confused to distinguish: where is Dayak where is Chinese. Have more or less similar physical characteristics. Clean yellow skin, slanted eyes, straight hair.

It was said the ancestors who should not be trusted. “Dayak are forest Chinese.”

Meanwhile, according to Military Documents. Because of the fear of being wrong, his party needed the help of the Dayak people, during the 1967 incident, to determine which were Dayak and which were Chinese. This is related to the implementation of PP No. 10 of 1959. What’s in it? (Find it yourself, huh?)

In West Kalimantan, from the beginning the Dayak-Chinese were united. The Dayak people greet the Chinese with “Friend”. The two ethnic groups just get along, unless they are rubbed and taken advantage of by other parties.

So when the Dayaks had their own party, in West Kalimantan, the Chinese here were very supportive.

History always repeats itself. Back when Partai Persatuan Daya (PPD) was established, it was Lim Bak Meng, a Chinese born in Nibung Seribu Pontianak (now Kubu Raya) on September 22, 1908, who helped. Not just energy as a volunteer. Also property and life stake.

Want proof? This is one of the contributions of the ethnic Chinese of West Kalimantan to the Dayaks.

This evidence speaks for itself. Campaign materials (leaflets) to support PPD were also in Chinese characters. 

It is not easy to campaign for other ethnic parties, by other ethnic groups, in other languages. 

But West Kalimantan China did it. Extraordinary!

(Note: this document is my archive. If sharing, or using it, please credit the source!)

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