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This is a warning! 
Like the illustration which was written by my close friend. A doctor, lecturer, scholar in the city of Palangka Raya.

I know him well, inside and out. It’s quite a standout in its vac. Because of that, I included it –and according to the criteria– in the number 101 Dayak Figures volume 2, 2015: 44-45).

We still remember the Sanggau Ledo incident. And then, Sampit. That’s the pinnacle, the culmination point, Silent Majority.

I have no intention of discussing anything else. This narrative focuses on theory: Elisabeth Noelle-Neumann’s Spiral of Silence which became my Master’s concentration study.

Before explaining the concept or building this theory, it is better to first present a case example. We see and feel that during the New Order era, society was silenced and pressured by the authorities and their networks, especially the military. 

In the era of Suharto’s government, the government was so strong, all opponents were wiped out, they didn’t care, everything was wiped out. Anyone who dares to challenge the government will be cut down.

The people were silent at that time. No one dared to speak up, let alone fight. However, actually, save.

Then, at the time it “erupted” in 1998.

The gist of this theory:

Minority groups often don’t dare to speak out because they are under strong pressure from the majority group, the pressure is such that minorities don’t dare to appear in public for fear of their own safety. 

Over time, this minority group lived alone/totally ostracized, marginalized, totally marginalized. However, the minority group that was totally ostracized actually never really died. 

From time to time, they just keep fighting and trying to appear again. The effort is admittedly very difficult, but there is a chance that they will win in the end.

For me. Follows the Spiral of Silence theory. Darmae’s voice, representing: the silent majority.

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