Andrew Ambrose Atama Katama: Dayak Culture Advocate at the UN

Andrew Ambrose Atama Katama is his commonly known name. He is a young entrepreneur renowned in Malaysia. He is the founder and CEO of Bomp Sdn Bhd, a Malaysian technology startup company focused on innovation in creative content development.

In 2011, the company received a pre-seed grant of RM150,000 from MDEC to kickstart the Loyuk prototype, an online business platform dedicated to supporting traditional music of the Dayak tribe.

Apart from his business success, Andrew Ambrose Atama Katama also holds a significant role as an Ambassador for the International Dayak Organization, based in New York, USA.

In the United States, he is tasked with forecasting political, economic, and social trends related to the Dayak people in Borneo within the realm of regional and global indigenous community engagement. He builds relationships and cooperation with various entities, including government officials, civil bodies, research institutions, media, and political parties, to develop international collaboration projects in governmental and non-governmental forums.

The Dayak people do not need recognition. Their Dayak-ness lies in the predicate “indigenous people of Borneo.” Atama Katama is an example. The Dayak people acknowledge the existence of the United Nations (UN), hence the presence of a Dayak Ambassador at the international organization headquartered in New York.

In 2019, Atama Katama appreciated the efforts of the Republic of Indonesia in facilitating the revitalization of Dayak culture on the island of Borneo. This was manifested through the organization of the Temenggung International Conference (TIC) in Sintang, West Kalimantan, which demonstrated significant attention to the preservation of Dayak customs and indigenous law.

As the Permanent Representative of the Dayak Indigenous People at the UN, Atama Katama plays a role in observing and supporting these endeavors.

Furthermore, Atama Katama plays a role in preserving the cultural identity of the Dayak people at the international level. He believes that the Dayak people have the right to preserve their cultural identity in accordance with the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

Efforts such as natural resource management based on religious tourism and the care of sacred Dayak mountains are part of the plan to support the cultural revitalization of the Dayak people.

Atama Katama’s role is vital in connecting the Dayak people with international forums and contributing to the preservation and advancement of culture on the island of Borneo, which has a population of approximately 8 million.

Through social media and his participation in UN conferences, Atama Katama is also active in advocating for the issues faced by the Dayak community, including land rights and marginalization.

The presence of a Dayak representative at the UN is a significant symbol in representing the voices, aspirations, and rights of the Dayak people on the international stage.

This reflects the importance of cultural diversity and identity on the global stage and contributes to peace and brotherhood worldwide.*)

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