Dayak Literacy at the Sarawak Museum

Books bind knowledge,  customs, culture, and wisdom of an ethnic group.

Books and documents are: explicit knowledge.

Thus, the document that I submitted to the Sarawak Museum, Malaysia, only 5% of the knowledge of the Dayak ethnic group.

What is spoken (orally) will pass by the ages. However, what is written is eternal. 

So I leave immortality to the Sarawak Museum staff to be stored, documented, and used by visitors for good and humanitarian purposes. 

The Sarawak Museum is, to be known, one of the best in Asia. It is this museum that is credited with collaborating with the British Government for scientific carbon testing which found that the ancestors of the Bornean people had inhabited Niah Cave, Miri, since 40,000 years ago. 

I know the employees, officials and heads of the Sarawak Museum, including: Dr. Ipoi Datan, a Lundayeh Dayak. He was very instrumental in giving me access to the Sarawak Museum for research. 

Ipoi himself is a researcher who wrote about the crocodile as a symbol of the Lundayeh Idi Lun Bawang people which I will review separately later.

The books I submitted to the Sarawak Museum are:
1. Ngayau (Headhunting)
2. Keling Kumang
3. 101 Tokoh Dayak (101 Dayak figures who changed history)

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