Hayam Wuruk: Proof from History that Young Leaders Can be Exceptionally Great

Currently, we are in a situation of welcoming a young leader. There are both pros and cons.

Without delving into the pros and cons, let’s open the pages of Majapahit history. How Hayam Wuruk in his youth became not only a great but legendary ruler of Majapahit.

The book is very significant and relevant. History shows that the success of many young leaders depends on the support of family, advisors, teachers, or senior figures. The same goes for Hayam Wuruk, who received good education and guidance from Gajah Mada.

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The importance of mentorship in shaping young leaders

The importance of mentorship in shaping young leaders is illustrated through the story of Hayam Wuruk. Gajah Mada, as a mentor, not only provided political insights but also helped Hayam Wuruk understand the duties of a king. The book records important moments in the history of Majapahit, including Gajah Mada’s oath signifying the determination to rule over the entire archipelago.

Through Hayam Wuruk’s reign, the role of Gajah Mada in mentoring became crucial. Despite being young, Hayam Wuruk demonstrated success and excellence in governance, proving that age is not a barrier to a leader’s success.

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History records the glory of Majapahit under their leadership, showing that mentorship, dedication, and learning can shape effective leaders regardless of their age.

As we look at the present, where we are faced with young leaders, the story of Hayam Wuruk provides inspiration. In dealing with doubts about the abilities of young leaders, we can draw lessons from the history of Majapahit.

Although the context is different, the principles of mentorship, dedication, and learning remain relevant in shaping strong and resilient leadership.

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By deepening our understanding of the role of mentorship in history, we can create space to discuss the potential of today’s young leaders.

The history of Majapahit, through the story of Hayam Wuruk and Gajah Mada, provides a foundation for positive thinking about the leadership of the younger generation. This is a call to consider factors such as education, mentorship, and dedication in assessing and supporting the development of young leaders.

When he was young, Hayam Wuruk was brought to the palace and received a good education, including in culture, language, and religion. Youth and mentoring by Gajah Mada: Gajah Mada was an important figure in Majapahit, and he became a mentor to Hayam Wuruk.

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Gajah Mada was a highly respected and influential Prime Minister in the kingdom. He taught Hayam Wuruk about the art of governance, ethics, and the duties of a king. This close relationship gave Hayam Wuruk deep insights into the responsibilities of leadership.

Joint Rule with Gajah Mada
In 1350, after his mother, Tribhuwana, abdicated, Hayam Wuruk succeeded her as king. Gajah Mada remained the highest authority in Majapahit as the Prime Minister, and they co-ruled. This joint rule was known as “Dasa Warsa,” meaning “ten years,” which lasted from 1350 to 1360.

Glory and Greatness
Under the leadership of Hayam Wuruk and with the assistance of Gajah Mada, Majapahit reached its golden age. Majapahit became one of the largest kingdoms in Southeast Asia and an important trade center.

They expanded their territorial power and maintained stability domestically.

Hayam Wuruk’s reign was known as the golden age of Majapahit. Gajah Mada’s Palapa Oath: One significant moment in Majapahit history is Gajah Mada’s oath, known as the “Palapa Oath.”

In this oath, Gajah Mada promised that he would not feel satisfied or happy until the entire archipelago (Indonesia) was under the rule of Majapahit. Like it or not, history cannot be denied. He honestly noted that youth is not an obstacle for someone to become a great leader.

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Youth is a strength. In reality, Hayam Wuruk is one of the most famous kings in the history of the archipelago. The success and greatness of his reign are inseparable from the learning and mentorship provided by Gajah Mada, as well as their dedication to the prosperity and stability of the kingdom.

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