How to be Rich? Read This Book First!

Why do we have to be rich?
What’s the point of being rich?
Why do so many people want to be rich?

This question is very basic. Apart from being normal. However, not everyone who wants it, can make it happen.

Various references mentioned the characteristics and advantages of being rich. Among other things, namely: rich people are relatively easy to overcome problems, manage risks, open, extraverted, and have a higher awareness, and have a lower sense of anxiety.

Wealthy people have time to do humanity and service to the public. In 2006, when the managing editor of PT Index, one of the publishers of the Kompas Gramedia Group, I met a young entrepreneur. He is Alexander Taslim.  

Taslim is pursuing a course in the field of education and mathematical and lingual intelligence in the Karawaci area, Tangerang, Banten.

Taslim wants to share his experience and knowledge about “how to be rich”. Taslim said, “To be rich, you have to be rich first!”What does that mean?

The experience and concept of being rich and how one gets rich is completely discussed in this book.

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