Janusz Korezak Honorary Prize from the Polish Government to Bunanta, Author of Indonesian Children’s Stories

I know Murti Bunanta well. She was master of literature and Doctor of children’s literature. She proved that science and practice are not different worlds, but complement each other.

This children’s book she wrote received an award from the Polish Government.

This book was published by Balai Pustaka and reprinted several times.

This book is a bilingual children’s folklore book written by Mrs. Murti Bunanta and beautifully illustrated by Mr. Denny A. Djoenaid. An old mother who has seven children. The youngest frog is called the youngest frog because of its frog shape.

Once when his brothers wanted to go sailing, he also told his mother to go with them. With a heavy heart, his mother allowed him and he gave the Youngest Frog Waluh as a provision for his journey. Meanwhile, the youngest frog brothers grumbled because they were sure that it was useless for the youngest frog to help them in the sea.

However, the brothers were wrong, the youngest frog actually helped them attach the rope to the ship’s mast. Ungrateful, they left the youngest frog on a deserted island.

As a researcher who knows the main issues of children’s literature, Murti wants to set an example. He then kept his things. He showed good praxis of children’s literature in his book Si Bungsu Katak (The Youngest Frog) which won the Janusz Korezak honorary prize, an astonishing biennial prize by the Polish Ministry of Culture and Arts.

Regarding why the prize that immortalized the name of Janusz Korezak, who in World War II proved his love for children, was awarded to Murti, the committee gave reasons,

Honorary Award is given to Murti Bunanta for Si Bungsu Katak for the literary values of folk story which teaches to accept and understand the odd and small.”

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