Jokowi and Political Dynasty

Jokowi is currently engaged in the formation of a political dynasty through the use of dynasty political tactics, a move that has taken many by surprise. This has garnered significant attention since Gibran was announced as the Vice Presidential candidate alongside Prabowo.

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Initially, this action caused panic and unexpected dynamics within the ruling party. Previous calculations went awry, particularly in Central Java, which was initially considered the stronghold of Ganjar-Mahfud.

The Prabowo-Gibran pair voiced two main issues in their declaration: the continuation of the IKN mega-project and the sustainable future of Indonesia. Although surveys indicate that 80% of Indonesians are satisfied with Jokowi’s government performance, the emergence of this pair has sparked political tension.

The “old” figure, known as a Jokowi loyalist, defender of the nation, and guardian of NKRI, contrasts with the “young” figure represented by Gibran, who holds particular appeal, especially among the youth. This pair successfully garnered around 20% of the support from the first pair, which advocated for change.

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Despite the perception that the second-declared presidential and vice-presidential pair seemed offside and less focused on key issues, it did not dampen their enthusiasm for the tagline of “change.” However, it is noteworthy that the majority of Indonesians wish to continue Jokowi’s ongoing programs and performance.

Reactions to the emergence of Prabowo-Gibran vary from criticism and skepticism to support. The media actively participates in responding to this political move, indicating that this event not only impacts current politics and the 2024 election but also determines the future direction of the nation.

In the context of political dynasty, it’s essential to remember that it’s not always negative if family members involved have a good track record and competence. Examples from political dynasties in the United States and Korea show that this practice can provide stability and continuity but can have negative consequences if it leads to injustice, corruption, or power monopolies.

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Lasswell’s political view highlights key concepts in politics, including political actors, resource allocation, time, and methods used. Politics, according to this perspective, is about the distribution of power and resources in society.

In the context of Indonesia, the emergence of Prabowo-Gibran as presidential and vice-presidential candidates in 2024 has altered the political dynamics within the Pancasila nation. While political dynasties are not always negative, transparency, justice, and democracy must be maintained to avoid falling into injustice, corruption, or power monopolies.

Jokowi, as a politically savvy figure, chose the right time to act, following Harold Dwight Lasswell’s view that politics is about answering the question “Who Gets What, When, How.” This political game involves communication, negotiation, and decision-making to distribute power and resources in society.

Jokowi’s signal about “Prabowo’s share” highlights the political dynamics within the country, where his former rival is considered a worthy choice. Despite feelings of being undervalued by “the lady,” it is important to note that democracy grants every citizen the right to vote and be elected, and the political process is still ongoing.

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Differences of opinion and competition are natural parts of the political process, and citizen participation in elections is a crucial right and responsibility in maintaining the sustainability of democracy.

Political Turmoil and the Emergence of Prabowo-Gibran Alliance
The unexpected announcement of Gibran as the Vice Presidential candidate alongside Prabowo has caused political upheaval. This section delves into the initial reactions, the panic within the ruling party, and the shifting dynamics in Central Java.

Prabowo-Gibran’s Key Platforms
Explore the core issues highlighted by the Prabowo-Gibran alliance during their declaration. This includes a focus on the continuation of the IKN mega-project and their vision for the sustainable future of Indonesia. Analyze the public response and the contrasting views on their proposed changes.

Dynamics of Political Dynasty and Public Perception
Investigate the concept of political dynasty within the context of Jokowi’s strategic moves. Discuss the loyalty of the “old” figure, the appeal of the “young” figure, and the impact on different demographic groups. Explore how the media contributes to shaping public perception and reactions.

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Jokowi’s Political Strategy and Future Implications
 Examine Jokowi’s role as a political strategist, utilizing the art of communication and timing. Explore the implications of his signal regarding “Prabowo’s share” and its reception, considering the strained relationship with “the lady.” Discuss the broader implications for Indonesian democracy and the importance of citizen participation in the upcoming elections. *)

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