Money Wisdom


What do you think its meaning and definition? As many heads, as many opinions!

However, the author of this book views money differently than most people. Money is important. Many things can be solved with money. But money isn’t everything.

Money is neutral. Money can be used for good. On the other hand, it can be for things that violate humanity.

So how to view and treat money wisely?
This book answers it.

The new indispensable guide from the bestselling authors of Love Wisdom; written with the same warmth and wit as its predecessor.

Money Wisdom is here to guide and advise you, whether you’re good with money or struggling to make ends meet. Whether you’re rich or poor, able to draw money to you, or letting it go too easily, Money Wisdom will answer your questions and set you on the path which feels satisfying, enriching and right for you.

Carolyn Temsi and Caro Handley believe that we all deserve financial security, abundance, and the skill and confidence to manage money in our lives. In this extraordinary book they share the unique blend of practical, emotional and spiritual wisdom that illuminated Love.

Wisdom, and that they have followed in their own lives.


Ask a question about money in your life, open the book, and be amazed by the extraordinary insights it will give you.

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