The Joy of Not Working: I was an Editor of the Indonesian Version

At first, I thought she was a girl, from her name. Unexpectedly he was a man. But gender is not my focus, what I want to emphasize is the content and inspiration of this book.

I feel lucky as the editor of this book for the Indonesian version.

Publisher of Indonesia version of this book: PPM
Author : Ernie J. Zelinski
Year of Printing : 2005, 348 pages

Ernie has taught more than 150 thousand people about The Joy of Not Working: Learn to live and enjoy every part of your life. In this edition, you can join thousands of enlightened people and learn how to mix work and fun.

Now he was 73 years old.

Ernie J. Zelinski is an international best-selling author, prosperity life coach, speaker, and unconventional career expert. Ernie’s fifteen creative works–published in twenty-two languages in twenty-nine.

The original book on the top of my laptop and the writer.

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