Tjilik Riwut and the Heroic Story of the First Parachute Operation

Tjilik Riwut, a prominent figure in the struggle for independence born in Kasongan, Katingan, Central Kalimantan on February 2, 1918, is known as a Dayak with a high spirit of nationalism.

Riwut’s spirit of nationalism and patriotism was ignited as a result of his education and extensive social interactions in Java. His broad educational background and social connections enabled him to broaden his horizons, allowing him to have a wide-ranging perspective.

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Despite being recognized as a freedom fighter in the military, Tjilik Riwut’s struggle began in the realm of the press. Through his role as the editor-in-chief of the magazines Pakat Dayak and Suara Pakat, he engaged in the struggle for independence through writing and establishing networks and communication with tribes in the interior of Kalimantan.

In the dark times under the shadow of the Japanese occupation, a noble-hearted man named Tjilik Riwut experienced an unforgettable journey.

In the midst of the dark era of war, fate led him to become a tool for the Japanese army to gather secret data about Kalimantan. However, within Tjilik, a greater flame of spirit was hidden—a spirit to unite the people’s strength in the ongoing struggle for independence.

As part of Expeditionary Force 96, Tjilik Riwut made history by leading the first parachute operation in the history of the Indonesian Armed Forces. On October 17, 1947, the skies of Central Kalimantan witnessed the courage of those who leaped from the plane, ready to fight for the ideals of freedom.

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The book that adorns these pages vividly and meticulously describes Tjilik Riwut’s significant role in leading the legendary parachute operation. The success of this operation was not just a military victory; it stirred up the spirit and unified the strength of the people in the struggle against colonialism.

This epic event was later immortalized as the anniversary of the Airborne Special Forces (Paskhas) of the Indonesian Air Force, a tribute to the services engraved in history.

After the war, Tjilik Riwut shifted to the political arena. He held various important positions, from Regent of East Kotawaringin to the Governor of the First-Level Regional Government of Central Kalimantan, and became a Member of the National Council of Indonesia. His dedication to the homeland and its people never waned.

However, on a historic day, precisely on August 17, 1987, Tjilik Riwut drew his last breath. His body was laid to rest in the Heroes Cemetery of Sanaman Lampang, Palangka Raya, a fitting place for a true hero.

In 1998, the nation honored him with the Bintang Mahaputra Adipradana and bestowed upon him the title of National Hero in recognition of his immeasurable contributions to national development and the Dayak ethnic group that has long inhabited Kalimantan.

Through his inspiring writings, Tjilik Riwut remains alive in memory as a profound thinker, talented writer, and a pillar of development for the Dayak ethnicity. Riwut left a valuable legacy in the form of books that enlighten minds and ignite the spirits of many. A legacy that will not fade over time and will continue to inspire future generations. Thus, Tjilik Riwut, a true hero, remains etched in our hearts.

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Dayak Pride Hero It is truly fascinating and inspiring to follow the heroic journey of Tjilik Riwut, a son of the Dayak nation who has become a pride of Indonesia and the entire island of Borneo.

The story begins on October 7, 1947, when Tjilik Riwut undertook his first military operational duty in the Air Force Parachute Corps of the Republic of Indonesia. This event became a historical turning point that solidified the anniversary of the Special Forces (Paskhas) of the Indonesian Air Force.

This outstanding book vividly details how Tjilik Riwut led the first parachute operation, facing significant challenges and risks while maintaining his unyielding fighting spirit. The success of this operation not only won battles but also helped unite the strength of the people in their struggle for independence.

With an enthusiastic narrative style, this book maps the journey of an extraordinary Dayak hero. He not only fought for his country but also for his own ethnicity, bringing hope and pride to his community. The book beautifully immortalizes the struggle and dedication of Tjilik Riwut, making him an example for future generations. Moreover, the book bears witness to the historical moments in the formation of the elite Paskhas TNI-AU, a crucial milestone in the country’s defense history.

By reading this story, we not only honor the deeds of a true hero but also celebrate the cultural diversity of Indonesia and the strength of unity in facing challenges. An inspirational story that should not be forgotten by future generations, so that the spirit of courage, unity, and love for the homeland always resides in their hearts.

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Indonesian History Finally Records This Tjilik Riwut is a National Hero from Kasongan, Central Kalimantan. He was recognized as a National Hero through Presidential Decree Number 108/TK/1998, issued on November 6, 1998. The title “hero” is an honor given to acknowledge his extraordinary contributions during the independence era and his tireless dedication to building Central Kalimantan.

Tjilik Riwut is a figure of great merit in Indonesian history, especially in Central Kalimantan. He is an exemplary figure in the struggle for Indonesian independence. In addition, his dedication to building Central Kalimantan has made a significant contribution to the development of the region.

Tjilik Riwut risked everything for Indonesian independence and the development of Central Kalimantan. The award as a National Hero is a recognition of his invaluable services. The title and honor of a national hero inspire the younger generation to continue striving and contributing to building a better Indonesia. *)

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