Indonesian Palm Oil Faces Post Truth Issues

Actually, I am the co-author of this book. However, simply written “editor”. This is in honor of Prof. AB Susanto, because this is the manuscript of his last book, which was launched at Institut Pertanian Bogor on the date, month, he was born: 09.09

Especially I contribute to the issue of post-truth, namely the repeated attacks on oil palm causing post-truth, the definition of forest and its area, the top players in the palm oil industry, and practical aspects in the field. Because of that, this book has a lot of illustrations for me and for my oil palm plantations too.

However, the contributions of two main authors: Prof. AB Susanto and Ir. Petrus Gunarso, Ph.D., gave weight from an academic point of view and palm oil as a political-economic tool.

Sometimes, in life. We need to make way for someone to become big. And in the really, really good, and unrepeatable moments, the focus is just on him.

Learn to be small.

And specifically me. If as an editor, it is not recorded as a written work that will be added to the book list. However, if the new co-author.

Penerbit Buku Kompas . IDR 110,000, full color, xxviii + 260 pages.

What’s important to me is not the personal name, but how this book has a wide and large impact.

What about the development of world palm oil?

Indonesia and Malaysia now control 85% of the world’s palm oil area.

Other countries planning to expand oil palm plantations include Thailand, Columbia, and most recently India.

With the palm oil moratorium policy in Indonesia, of course other countries have the opportunity to develop their own palm oil – including the last one that has been heavily reported, namely the plan to expand oil palm plantations in India to an area of ​​more than 1 million hectares.

The development trend of oil palm plantations in Malaysia shows a trend towards  idle status at their current optimal area. As for Indonesia and Papua New Guinea – the trend of oil palm shows a rapidly increasing expansion.

This book is comprehensively the result of academic studies. A library that can be used as an academic paper for members of the legislature for consideration in formulating the law on oil palm in Indonesia.

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